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Kenneth Greiner is an artist, a reflector, and an environmental advocate working across painting, sculpture, writing, installation, video, and performance. By meditatively connecting to the land and sensing into the deep, spatial relationships of its forms, he visualizes and intuitively creates novel scenes of harmony.

With an evolving, cross-medium approach, he works to highlight inconsistencies within and expand beyond religious trauma and binary conditioning gained in early life regarding gender, sexuality, and man’s relationship to the natural world. As a result, he is actively engaged in a public-facing process of healing and spiritual practice.

In cyclical fashion, sculptural and ephemeral arrangements, poems, among myriad material and immaterial forms, frequently manifest, ranging from hand-sized charms and talisman-like objects, to human-sized shrines, and room-sized environments. At times embodying a tense interplay between his desired seclusion and cultural connection, these works float effortlessly between gallery-style contexts and site-specific natural settings.

Originally from Buckley, Washington (USA), he recently completed a postgraduate diploma at the Royal College of Art in London, UK and will begin studying on an MA in Sculpture at the RCA in September of 2024. This Summer, he will fulfill a residency at the University of East London, making site-specific works with a small cohort of RCA alumni for a project called "Locavore".


Recent exhibitions include Interstitial (Peckham, London), Empathy / Alchemy (Brooklyn, NY), and ActionReaction (Queens, NY).


Photo courtesy of Brandon Kapelow

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