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I am an artist, a reflector, and an environmental advocate working across painting, sculpture, writing, installation, and performance.


By connecting to the land and sensing into the deep, spatial relationships of its forms, I visualize and intuitively create novel scenes of harmony using a cross-medium approach that illuminates the process of healing. 


As a European-descended, White, American born, Mormon-raised, and Queer practicioner, now based in London, I employ organic shapes, palettes of color, and light motifs in order to intimately re-introduce urban viewers to a sense of the divine through nature. 


Though aesthetically influenced by Mono-ha, Minimalism, and the American Land Artists of the1960s, this work is primarily informed by personal explorations of Shintoism, Mahayana Buddhism, Taoism, Native American cosmology, and the Animistic, Pagan practices of my Pre-Roman, British ancestors.


In utilizing sustainable materials, foraged publically in urban parks and nature preserves, I am simultaneously repairing my energetic body and re-discovering my place within the forest, while resisting, and stressing the futility of our Colonially-informed, extractive lifestyles, and systems of late-stage Capitalism.

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